Want to read the latest news without visiting their “dreaded” website? Enter Calibre!

Calibre is an application that provides a platform for reading and storing e-books. But it does more than that… Firstly, it will read almost any format – but wait, there’s more: It will convert one format to another.. AND it also comes with hundreds of built in recipes for harvesting feeds from all over. Everything from the NYT to Reuters, from ESPN to Faux News, Cracked, Politico, The Atlantic, The New Yorker, Vice News, The Onion, Time Magazine, and even the Yakima Herald-Republic.

Besides built in recipes, you can write your own.

It should be available in the repositories of most Linux distributions, and if not, you can easily load it from the command line. Example: sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install calibre – Boom, there it is.

Calibre is open source, and was originally a one-man project, written by Kovid Goyal. Visit the website at

It has grown now –

“Today calibre is a vibrant open-source community with half a dozen developers and many, many testers and bug reporters. It is used in over 200 countries and has been translated into a dozen different languages by volunteers. calibre has become a comprehensive tool for the management of digital texts, allowing you to do whatever you could possibly imagine with your e-book library. Reading is very important to me and one of my goals has always been to prevent either the fragmentation or the monopolization of the e-book market by entities that care solely for short-term goals. As the calibre community continues to grow, driven by book lovers, for book lovers, hopefully it will always present an alternative for people that love to read e-books and want to be in control of their own digital libraries.”

– From the Calibre website.

Another quote –

“calibre supports almost every single e-Reader and is compatible with more devices with every update. You can transfer your e-books from one device to another in seconds, wirelessly or with a cable. And you don’t need any additional tools to do that. calibre will send the best file format for your device converting it if needed, automatically.”

“No matter what PC, laptop or tablet you use, calibre’s got you covered. And if you’re traveling and don’t have your device with you – you can take calibre on a USB stick and use it wherever you are.”

– From the Calibre website.

Thank you Kovid.